Real Estate Practice

The attorneys at Lapidus & Lapidus have represented clients in a wide variety of real estate matters, including representing real estate developers, hotels, mortgage lenders, commercial property owners, contractors, homeowners’ association members, landlords, tenants, brokers, property management firms and individuals. We have experience in many aspects of real estate law, including the following:

  • Construction defect disputes.
  • Real estate partnership and investment disputes.
  • Mortgage lender and foreclosure disputes.
  • Easement violations.
  • Takings and eminent domain claims.
  • Inverse condemnation.
  • Challenging unlawful and unconstitutional municipal actions.
  • Litigation regarding fraudulent conveyances.
  • Property, nuisance, view obstruction and other disputes for owners in homeowners’ associations.
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, including unlawful detainer actions and unlawful housing discrimination.
  • Environmental disputes, including Proposition 65 and CERCLA matters.